News: Game world

Fi-trading is currently in a major project to launch a product that helps our end customer to promote their electronic game in the world. This game is being sold worldwide this week. Our product is a display unit that housed the game for customer's testing of games and game console capabilities. The product is called ¡° interactive display unit¡± (IDU). Fi-trading is responsible for organizing manufacturing plants for plasticmolds, metal fabrication, electronic manufacturing , aluminum injection for the base and the assembly of complete (IDU) in China for Asia Pacific region . Fi-trading sent out over 150 30' containers to both Europe , US and Japan for the past 6 weeks value at 5.5 million US.

Fi-trading developed a production plant , process and testing procedure to manufacture the (IDU) in China , from the time we started to finishing 2,020 interactive Display Units with a work force of 100 people including management staff; it took 15 calendar days to complete our commitment to our customers.
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